Rishabh Pant : Why he is not playing in IPL 2023

We know that IPL 2023 is on the way, today on 4th April 2023 Delhi capitals star player and former captain Rishabh pant was seen in the stadium, we know the incident about him that a major car accident earlier this year. And because of this he is not able to play this IPL. Delhi capitals is good team in IPL 2023. Today in this post we are going to share about Rishabh pant that why he is not playing in IPL 2023 season.

Rishabh pant, who is the regular Captain and wicketkeeper of Delhi capitals team, is not available for Delhi capitals because he is still recovering from his injuries he suffered in a accident, but he is still supporting his team Delhi capitals. Today on for April, there is a match between Gujarat Titans and Delhi capitals at Arun Jaitley Stadium Delhi. Because of absence of Rishabh pant, Delhi capitals decided to make Sarfaraz Khan Delhi capitals wicketkeeper and David Warner is also appointed as the captain of Delhi capital,

We can also see that there is a twitter Trend also going with the name of #rishabhpant to support him, there are there are thousands of tweets supporting Rishabh pant, we can see that everyone wants to be get well soon Rishabh pant.

Rishabh pant was same with Parth Jindal in viral photos of Twitter, Parth Jindal, is a roll model for all of us on how to remain humble and true to ourselves, no matter what life throughs our way

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