Tata Women’s IPL 2023 : Harmanpreet Kaur hits 1st WPL fifty

Tata Women’s IPL 2023 : First women IPL 2023 is now playing between Gujrat giants and Mumbai indians. Mumbai indians lost the match and chosen the bat against GG. From 1st bowl to this ball, IPL 2023 womens best team Mumbai indians is playing wonderful. The game started with 1st bowl of IPL 2023 womens by Gardner, Yastika was playing it. Then Matthews hits the first WPL 2023 six on the bowl of Mansi Joshi. Mansi joshi is a bowler for Gujrat Giants., This six was short and at the stumps, pulls it over sqaure leg.

harmanpreet kaur wpl 2023 live match
Women IPL 2023 GG vs MI Match Harmanpreet Kaur 65 runs

Harmanpreet kaur who is an Indian cricketer, comes into crease after 8 overs, on wicket of Nat sciver – Burnt, caught by Sneh Rana,. She started his first 50 with 1st single run. then she scored her first boundary on Sneh Rana bowl, it was a drive. Again she hit also a four, on Sneh Kaur over.

Then in 17th over, She was taken by Sneh Rana, It was a brilliant knock from Kaur! She has lit up the first game of WPL with her strokeplay. Tossed up ball outside off, Kaur comes down the track and tries to go over covers but ends up getting a thick outside edge behind. Hemalatha at backward point takes an easy catch. She gets a good round of applause from the home crowd. She scored 65 runs out of 30 balls today.

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