IPL 2023 Streaming App will be Jio Cinema, Mukesh Ambani Confirmed!

IPL 2023 Streaming App – IPL 2023 Event is one of the biggest event ever seen in Cricket history, and it is now also known as the occasion of India i.e. India ka tyohaar. As we know that IPL 2022 was streamed on the Disney hotstar app, but in 2023, we will not required of Disney hotstar app. This year Mukesh Ambani has already confirmed that IPL 2023 will be telecast on Star Sports TV, and in mobile phones we can use Jio Cinema App to watch IPL 2023 Live matches online in HD quality. This year Reliance jio will provide all matches streaming in higher solution without taking a single rupee.

ipl 2023 live streaming app
IPL 2023 Rights sold to Viacom18 Now, Jio Cineama app will stream IPL 2023

This is the 16th season of IPL, and its named with IPL 2023. The title of IPL bill also be Tata as usual in IPL 2022. Thus we will call this IPL is as “Tata IPL 2023”. Total 74 matches will be played in this IPL 2023 season.

MultiCams will be used in IPL 2023

All know that FIFA World Cup 2022 multicam feature s was used to watch FIFA World Cup with different angles cameras, and now this year IPL 2023 will also use this technology, in this multi cam feature, user can switch between multiple camera angles to enjoy the match for better experience. So this is being exciting going to be happen in IPL 2023. Due to high traffic this year, this app will be improved to handle IPL 2023 live streaming.

This year IPL 2023 match will be live in 12 languages in jio cinema app. The major languages in India is English and Hindi. We can change the language of the match like TV remote.

Official Broadcaster & IPL 2023 Live streaming App link

IPL 2023 in India will be telecast in Star Sports network. And because of Viacom 18 now owns the right to stream IPL 2023, live streaming of the IPL 2023 matches will be available on the jio cinema app.


Where we can watch IPL 2023?

If you are on TV Network you can watch IPL 2023 on Star Sports network, and if you are using your mobile phone you can download jio cinema app to enjoy the live telecast.

How to watch IPL 2023 in Mobile Phone?

You can switch into jio TV or jio cinema app this year. Because Disney hotstar will not stream any match this year.

How many IPL matches will be played in 2023?

74 matches will be played in IPL 2023.

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