How to watch WPL 2023 Live with different angles?

Women Premiere League 2023 is happening, Today women ipl 2023 match is going between GG vs MI, in this post we are going to tell you that how you can enjoy this women ipl 2023, which is also in search as ipl 2023 for ladies, You can know the tips and tricks to watch ipl in different camera angles. As rumoured that we can watch live ipl matches in different camera mode, but now it is real, we can surely watch ipl 2023 womens in very awesome modes, Here is how we can.

After a few days, IPL 2023 will also be played for mens, So you can also try this trick to watch ipl 2023 with your favourite mode. This feature was not in Hotstar app, but 2023, IPL will be more intresting with these features. Lets see how can we do it.

How to watch WPL 2023 in different camera modes in Jiocinema app
  1. first you have to install Jiocinema app from Google play store app.
  2. You have to full screen you Live match which is happening at that moment.
  3. Then you have to click the 2nd icon which is like recording cam,
  4. Click on it, then a list will be seen as like youtube cards list here.
  5. You can check that we can watch WPL 2023 live in these modes as listed below
    • Main feed Camera
    • Batter Camera
    • Stump Camera
    • Cable Camera
    • Bird’s eye Camera

You can access all this options in Jiocinema app on Andriod phones and also on iPhones. I have tried all these features on jiocinema app, You feel very different while switching this camera angles, so you should try all this camera modes with this app, it is free to try.

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